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With over ninety animals, Haylilla Alpacas have a wide selection of animals for sale. Ranging from friendly halter trained pets to show quality alpacas, carrying our exclusive black, grey and appaloosa genetics.

Our alpacas are competitively priced, with older females and herd guards starting from $ 440.00 incl. GST. Discounts apply for multiple purchases. Our animals are all registered with the Australian Alpaca Association and are sold with papers, (membership and transfer costs apply to new owners).

Free delivery within 100km for clients purchasing two or more alpacas, or a nominal fee to cover fuel costs for greater distances.

New to alpacas? We offer friendly after sales support and advice on all aspects of alpaca ownership.
Interested in hand spinning or felting? Skirted fleeces in all colours are available for sale, priced per kilo according to quality.

Breeding Stock

Young show quality males and females, females with cria at foot, mature females mated to our exclusive black and leopard appaloosa genetics – we welcome you to inspect our alpacas to match your requirements of age, conformation and fleece quality.

If you are new to breeding alpacas, purchasing proven breeders – girls who have successfully delivered and raised cria, with no complications, are a great place to start.

We offer a fertility guarantee with all alpacas sold as breeding stock, a certification guarantee for all potential stud males and a live cria guarantee for all pregnant females.


Selecting an alpaca as a companion needs careful consideration. Not all alpacas enjoy human company – regardless of how often or how gently they are handled. Our pet alpacas are available for sale at the time of weaning – usually 5-6 months of age. When they first leave mum they often go through a ‘sooky’ stage when human company is well received. For the best selection we suggest visiting the farm early in the breeding season while they are still with mum – the loveable characters sell fast!

Alpacas thrive with other alpacas and will fret if kept alone. Our first pet alpaca came with an adult wether – he protected his younger buddy in the paddock while we were not there and most importantly reminded him he was an alpaca not a human.

Wethers / Herd Guards

Adult castrated males are ideal livestock protectors for sheep, goats or even chickens.

They can also make excellent living lawnmowers for small acreage with the benefit of providing beautiful fleece for home spinners.


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