Best friends forever

We’ve noticed many of our junior alpacas form strong bonds with cria born at a similar time.

Pictured are Ruby Red Dress (grey) and Marissa (bay black), they are inseparable – its the mum’s that have to find them when they are due for a feed of milk.

RRD Marissa 1000ruby red dress marissa 1000RRD Marissa 2 1000

Spotty surprise!

Armani our black stud male has thrown 2 appaloosa males recently.

Not what we were expecting but a very welcome surprise.


They look so interesting in the paddock amongst the solid colored herd.


Pictured is Baloo with the black spots and Puzzle with the dark fawn spots.BalooPuzzle

Happy shades of grey

Not all greys during winter are depressing. Yes its cold outside and we’ve had plenty of rain, wind and frost but we can only be delighted with these little cria running around in the midst of it all. The rose grey and medium grey with dark  ‘spectacles’ are called Bolle and Rayban.

Bolle is standing next to his girlfriend Hatiti – an unusual name but she was born on my Father’s birthday so he was granted naming rights. (Hatiti is a character in one of the stories he is writing). Luckily they have different sires, so their relationship may be allowed to develop in the future!

hatiti and bolle ray ban alone Uno and mum shazam and mum

Hush – a brave balancing act

hush with mum

Haylilla Hush had a tough start to life, her rear leg was broken while only a few weeks old. A month later she was well on the way to recovery but she was spooked by the cat and re-broke the leg.

We were faced with three choices; complicated and expensive surgery to plate the fracture (with no guarantee of a full recovery), to amputate, or to kiss her goodnight forever…

Despite the broken leg Hush had always shown us a great deal of pluck , courage and irresistible charm – there was no way we could end her life when she clearly loved being alive.

Hush is now a three legged alpaca,  thanks to Willunga Vet the operation went well and she recovered quickly. It took about 3 weeks before she was strong and agile enough to rejoin the herd.  Now she can even run at great speed, her latest trick is balancing on two front legs to scratch with the remaining rear leg.

Clever girl.

hush face