Best friends forever

We’ve noticed many of our junior alpacas form strong bonds with cria born at a similar time.

Pictured are Ruby Red Dress (grey) and Marissa (bay black), they are inseparable – its the mum’s that have to find them when they are due for a feed of milk.


A busy weekend

While Chris and Adrienne were at Royal Adelaide Show winning best black in the halter and fleece classes with Leaenna Armani, WOO HOO!

Steve and I were selling some of our friendly pets.

Hello Sailor is now starting a new life in Wattle Flat, he’s even been renamed ” Jasper”.

Winter and Summer Sunset went […]

Alpacas for sale

Interested in viewing a beautiful selection of pets, wethers and breeding stock?

We have a wide range of solid colour alpacas including white, fawn, black, brown and grey.

Our summer born cria are currently being weaned so they are getting used to being handled – from gentle massages, to toe trimming, to learning how to […]