Best friends forever

We’ve noticed many of our junior alpacas form strong bonds with cria born at a similar time.

Pictured are Ruby Red Dress (grey) and Marissa (bay black), they are inseparable – its the mum’s that have to find them when they are due for a feed of milk.

RRD Marissa 1000ruby red dress marissa 1000RRD Marissa 2 1000

Happy shades of grey

Not all greys during winter are depressing. Yes its cold outside and we’ve had plenty of rain, wind and frost but we can only be delighted with these little cria running around in the midst of it all. The rose grey and medium grey with dark  ‘spectacles’ are called Bolle and Rayban.

Bolle is standing next to his girlfriend Hatiti – an unusual name but she was born on my Father’s birthday so he was granted naming rights. (Hatiti is a character in one of the stories he is writing). Luckily they have different sires, so their relationship may be allowed to develop in the future!

hatiti and bolle ray ban alone Uno and mum shazam and mum

Welcome to our website

Steve and Haylilla BolleAt last our website is taking shape.

The mating season is finally over, so we’ve had our  last weekend return trip to collect the stud boys,  Steve is very relieved.

We have one final pregnant girl due, so fingers crossed she chooses a sunny day to deliver.

It’s been a wonderful breeding season, we are very happy with the results from our Stud males. Highlights have included Tiberio throwing 17 cria, (mainly grey) 8  girls and 9 boys. Armani’s eagerly awaited first progeny arrive with 4 girls and 1 boy. Futuris’s cria include a light fawn male with 12.7 mid side micron statistics!

To our added delight, one of our favorite girls Fleur De Lys Charisse had a white female cria out of  herd-sire Windsong Valley Royal Inca, the cria named Haylilla Inca Queen  has recently been fleece tested with a 12.5 mid side micron.

It’s almost time for weaning the late 2012 offspring. Our weekends will now be busy halter training. In previous years we have had varying degrees of success, so if you have any tips or tricks to share  – we’d love to hear!

Ruth and Steve